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“I have purchased everything from a replacement Goldring stylus to an Amazon turntable, Morch tonearm, and Benz cartridge. The main reason I have become a repeat costumer of Vladimir and North Country Audio’s is that I completely trust his opinon and advice. He takes the time to explain the reasons behind his choices and to discuss the ways various pieces of equipment work (or work together). …

The Sound of Integrity


Elwood Smith

I have found Vladimir to be extremely knowledgeable and quite willing to spend time on the phone to discuss various pieces of audio hardware.

He has always shown that his highest concern is with getting the right components having the best performance at the desired price point.

There has never ever been any attempt at selling up or pushing a particular manufacturer.

“My first purchase from NorthCountry Audio was the HHB CD burner. Vladimir actively seeks out products for sonics, ease of operation, reliability, and value. The HHB certainly met all of those characteristics, as does the Tascam CD player. The MSB line is the only separate DACs that he sells, as they are the only ones that he feels rise above the ordinary.  …


    The combo is terrific. (NAD C-715, Silver Sonic T-14 cables, PSB Alpha B1)  Had it about a month now, the improvement over the Yamaha Mini is dramatic.  Even in my makeshift setup.  I'm delighted.

    Then I put on a CD of Barenboim/Berlin Philharmonic  'Emperor Concerto'.  Jaw dropping.  …

"Before I became a customer, I received clear, practical,honest, helpful,detailed, patient, non-self-serving advice. My experience as a customer has been no different. Plus, Vladimir knows what music sounds like.   Something of a rarity, perhaps in the wilds of audio."


"I figured I owe this experience to you. 

Just got done listening to CIMP 353 - Odean Pope Quartet.  What a great recording!  I can even hear the sax pads opening and closing on selection 8, "Prayer."  Astounding! 

This system continues to satisfy in ways I am only beginning to discover.  Earlier today I fired it up and sat down at my desk waiting for the Wyetech 90 second delay to kick in.  …

"Just got my Rega P2 turntable from the UPS guy an hour or two ago.  I've already set it up and tried it on a half a dozen records of various genres and both speeds.  The Goldring cartridge sounds incredible on everything so far.  Thanks so much for the great service.  I'll definitely be using you again when I want to get other components.  …

Before I became a customer, I received clear, practical, honest, helpful, detailed, patient, non-self-serving advice. My experience as a customer has been no different. Plus, Vladimir knows what music sounds like.  Something of a rarity, perhaps in the wilds of AUDIO.

Leonard Goldstein

I have been around long enough to know the difference between the slick-and-shallow salesperson, the honest-yet-uninformed salesperson, and the real deal: someone who is not only passionate about the products they offer, but who also possesses the requisite depth of knowledge that validates their expertise.  …

Vlad!!  This thing is great.  I've never had a table that had the q feature.  I'm just sorry I got it now when I've transferred most of my albums on compact disc already.  I'm totally blind: not that it makes a difference but setting it up was a breeze.  Thanks and everyone at Cadence has my gratitude not only for giving great music but the best equipment to play it on. …

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