Systems/Components of Merit

Components of particular merit

Much like the systems of particular merit these components have simply impressed us across the board. From sound to support to construction to reliability we find that these items are just good values.

Brentworth Sound Lab speakers

Speakers. Brentworth Sound Labs. Never before has a single product so dramatically upset the normal rules of system architecture. Combining high efficiency (100 dB for 1 watt …

MSB digital to analog converters

The MSB DACs are a particularly fine unit and one of those rare devices that, while certainly not a low budget item, is just so good that it redefines what we thought was possible …

Rega P series turntables

Since their introduction the Rega P1, P2, and P3 (in their various iterations) have defined what one should expect for a budget high end turntable. While many others have tried …

Single driver speakers in general

Not everyone can afford (or choose to afford) or find the space for the state of the art Brentworth Sound Labs (BSL) speakers but may still be interested in the benefits of single …

Sound Devices digital recorders

Systems of particular merit

An important note. The systems listed here are by no means the only way to audio nirvana but they are systems that we have found to stand the test of time, reliability, usefulness and sonic greatness. We present them for that purpose. These are actual real world systems, not virtual experiments. Every one of these systems is in use by one or more of our customers. Most of these systems are made up with components of particular merit creating a sum even greater than the parts.

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