System Philosophy

After years of putting audio systems together it has become apparent that the status-quo of high-end audio does not work when it comes to reproducing music. Our extensive involvement with not only the production of electronics but the recording process as well has enabled us to “hear the sound”, so to speak, in ways that few people ever do. To those ends we have selected equipment with three key issues in mind:

• Musicality. This is an overused term which has been used far too often to differentiate over-detailed, over-bright, hard sounding systems from those that are considered musical. The problem is that the term musical has been used as an excuse for systems lacking dynamics, resolution, articulation, and full intelligent frequency coverage. We strive to find equipment that is as close to neutral as possible. To those ends it will be musical, as well as detailed, articulate, and of high resolution.
• Balance. Far too often stereo systems are put together with the idea that balance can be achieved at any extreme. While mathematically +10 and -10 will add up to zero this does not work with audio systems. A system that is too bright is not going to be fixed by the addition of a component that is too dull. It is paramount to stay with components that deviate from the zero point as little as possible. It is amazing how far most stray.
• Intelligence of design. It is a rare component that manages to succeed at one and two while still being designed with long-term viability in mind. You would be surprised how many highly touted products are poorly executed. They hum, buzz, lose performance quickly, and in general are made to look good on the shelf and in the ads, but fail to meet basic standards of design intelligence.

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