How we choose the products we represent

Unlike most stores we do not choose our products based on what is popular, well reviewed, desperate to market, or even what sells well. First we listen. A product has to demonstrate to our ears that it has some sonic value we can defend. You would be surprised how many well known brands will not pass this first test. The next step is to establish whether or not the product is built well, or at least as well as can be defended by the price asked. Again, rarely is price an indication of this value. Finally, the manufacturer must have some sort of support and business plan that coincides with our business ethics and how we support our customers. We provide legendary customer support and, likewise, we expect our suppliers to be on the ball. 

Passing all three tests is a tough call and very few products will make the grade. For those that do, we pursue a business relationship. Sometimes we find more than one brand or product will fit a particular need. In those cases, our decision to support one particular product comes only after additional testing and scrutiny of the product as well as the manufacturer

We see little value in the shotgun approach to product offerings (a little bit of everything of the most "popular" products). This merely absolves the retailer of their responsibility to guide audio buying decisions, and instead leaves it to the consumer to navigate the myriad equipment choices.

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