Dealer Responsibility

A note about dealer/customer responsibility. If a dealer is not willing to let you try a piece of equipment before committing to purchasing it I would be suspicious. What does that say about the dealers level of confidence in the product they are selling?

The reason for all the auditioning fees is simply that these guys do not want this stuff coming back to them. Once it is sold, they are glad to be rid of it. Charging people for listening to wire is the most egregious example of this abuse.

This practice of charging customers for auditioning products has come about due to the breakdown of trust between the buyer and the seller. Both are to blame for this. Sellers take little, if any, responsibility for what they have sold and buyers, in turn, feel very little reason to extend any decency (honesty and integrity of purpose) back to the seller.

Both parties lose under this scenario. Buyers think they have fulfilled their obligation of integrity because they have paid a fee to audition and sellers feel they have fulfilled their responsibility of advice giving (no advice in this case but the opportunity to audition) because they have given the buyer a return policy. The seller feels used, the buyer is not getting useful information that will make for long term audio satisfaction and round it goes.
While we do not expect you to keep anything that does not serve the needs intended we also need to develop a report that ensures we both get the information we need in order to find the right solution. If we feel a product is the answer to your needs than we will stand behind that product and take it back if it does not prove to be so. Honesty and integrity work both ways and at this stage it is the dealer who is going to have to make the first move. We are not afraid of that move.

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