About NorthCountry Audio

Below are summaries with regard to the way we do business. I think you will find these useful in order to get a better understanding of where we are coming from and how we might best be able to help you. - Vladimir

Your local audio store, no matter where you are


My name is Vladimir and I have been advising Cadence Magazine readers and NorthCountry Audio since 1980. From portable players to state of the art two channel audio and multi channel video systems, we have the product, the knowledge, the expertise, and the support to help you get from where you are to where you would like to be with regard to home audio and video technology.

Dealer Responsibility

A note about dealer/customer responsibility. If a dealer is not willing to let you try a piece of equipment before committing to purchasing it I would be suspicious. What does that say about the dealers level of confidence in the product they are selling?

The reason for all the auditioning fees is simply that these guys do not want this stuff coming back to them. …

System Philosophy

After years of putting audio systems together it has become apparent that the status-quo of high-end audio does not work when it comes to reproducing music. Our extensive involvement with not only the production of electronics but the recording process as well has enabled us to “hear the sound”, so to speak, in ways that few people ever do. …

How we choose the products we represent

Unlike most stores we do not choose our products based on what is popular, well reviewed, desperate to market, or even what sells well. First we listen. A product has to demonstrate to our ears that it has some sonic value we can defend. You would be surprised how many well known brands will not pass this first test. …

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